martedì 26 maggio 2009

Second hand market in Lucca!

We have a very famous antique market each third week end of the month, but for the first time we'll have a second hand market..."vide-grenier" for the French. I usually go to the South of France with my friend Paola to sell our old items, but now we have the same chance here in Lucca! I'll go for a look but not to's too hot now...but may be next time...we'll have our stall too!

I like this kind of's funny to sell and barter and often we can find lovely hidden treasures!
You all are invited to hunt!

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MiaMaria ha detto...


Nice market...and lovely ornaments you bought....and you have done them so beautiful.....great job!

Hav a nice week!

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Ah si je pouvais y aller !
Tu me fais rêver !
Je te souhaite de merveilleux achats.
Bisous du soir.

Sandra... ha detto...

Ohh Vale.. I ♥ this places of second hand!
Lucca is so far away from me :( but I wish you the best in this place!!
A great hugh for you♥♥

Nyperosa ha detto...


This is Norway calling.
I hope we will find the
way to Lucca, this summer.
We will stay in Siena,
nearby : )

You are on my link list,
and I often visit your
blog without leave a commento.

Au revoir : )

Nyperosa ha detto...


"You are on my link list,
and I often visit your FINE ; )
blog without leave a commento."

vosges paris ha detto...

I wish I wish ... to go there, non ho mai visitata un mercationo come questa in Italia ;)

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

Hi my friend :)
I would love to visit your marked. I`m sure you`ll find a lot of treasures :)
I`m looking forward to se pictures ;)

Hugs, Kari

Laura ha detto...

Hi my friend!
I think we will be in Lucca and Sienna in September! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were able to time it to this wonderful market! Not sure if it will work out...but I can dream!! Take care, Laura

B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Hi Vale,
antique markets are most beautiful. Have fun and i hope you find many lovely treasures!
Big hugs

Nygammalt ha detto...

Hi there Vale!
Now I want to go to Lucca even more!!!! It is really a pity I couldn't make it this time but I hope there will be more times. I really like these antiqe and second hand markets.

The ornaments you made is very beautiful.


Anonimo ha detto...
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