lunedì 4 maggio 2009

Lavender sugar cubes!

Lavender bought in France, white and brown sugar cubes (and some other shapes...) some labels and...voilà! An hand made product for Les Cotrions! Summer is coming and what's better than iced tea smelling of lavander under the sun???

Have a sweet and sunny week!

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Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Dear friend,
this looks really fom the white and brown sugar in wake-up glasses.You show us dreamlike this and suggestions over and over again.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Many hugs,

ZuccheroFilato ha detto...

Hmmm.. ma la lavanda hai messo tra i cubetti di zucchero?
Ma le etichette le fai tu?

Mila ha detto...

Lavender & tea in a delicate pot!
A little touch of old chic!
'til next time,
Mila :)

G-style ha detto...

Hello Vale,
your always full off nice idea's , again I like this very much !!
How are you by the way , is the weather good at your place and can you enjoy your beautiful garden ?
Have a nice week and "see" you next time,
big hug from Gea

B E L D E C O R ha detto...

Dear Vale,
great idea, they look verry charming and nostalgic, just beautiful.
Have a great creative week in your garden and house. I look forward for your next projects.

jeanette ha detto...

hi vale, you pictures are so nice and so creative. thanks for the idea! have a sunny week too, what is the weather in your place? i have here a littlebit sun but the T. is very low, its 13 gr..brr


manon 21 ha detto...

j'adore en avoir a la maison et l'offrir!!

bonne semaine

Laura ha detto...

Good morning Vale from the rainy US! I love the look of the sugar cubes and have would love to try that in my tea! It is packaged so prettily! I hope you have a great day....
Be well, Laura

Marie-Ange ha detto...

Du sucre de lavande, vraiment je ne connaissais pas !
Mais devant l'exquis raffinement et la délicatesse des pots, ce ne peut être que délicieux.
Belle journée.

Federica ha detto...

Zucchero profumato alla lavanda, che idea deliziosa!

Sandra... ha detto...

Dear Vale.. it´s a great idea for a gif! The packaging is so elegant, I ♥ it!!!
Have a nice week my friend, hugs!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Good morning
yes,sugar and lavander,whats better in my cup of tea!It's great for summer.Have a nice week.hugs

florence ha detto...

I love the sugar shapes, but I don't like too much the lavender flavour in my coffee !!!

Suzy's Vintage Attic ha detto...

Hello Vale
Thank you so much for your messages of support for Larry, so very nice of you. I have enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a fabulous garden you have and the location is wonderful which the church as a backdrop! You must have much pleasure spending time there. Your lavender sugar lumps are a great idea!
I hope that you have had a great weekend.
Take care
Isabelle x

Something White ha detto...

Your labels are just G O R G E O U S !!! What beautiful items, those small self-made-pots!
All the best, dear Vale :)
Hugs, Marjolijn

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

Hi Vale,
You are so Velcome..... Hope you or I will vin....LoL Jeanette

beige et blanc ha detto...

Very nice blog that I have just discovered.

me, myself, I ha detto...

I never take sugar but I always have these for my guests - they're so sweet (no pun intended!)...
Stunning mise en scène -
j'adore ^_^

Sarah Sofia Ganborg ha detto...

Love the garden-post below!
and what pretty jars with sugar! My husband only uses that brown sugar in his latte!
MLm, Sarah Sofia

fernanda ha detto...

I never had lavender sugar in my coffee or tea but I will give it a try as Sandra sugested it last week, and now you!!
Hunnn... must be nice

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Hi Vale!
That sounds very good! And I like the jars with the label... so cute!

Naija ha detto...

cute jars ;)

Magny ha detto...

~sunny week to you too... ~

casa nostra ha detto...

a great idea and the picture is sooo beautiful.

Magny ha detto...

...yes, I love amaretti...
these were from my friend, Rita, who was in Italy on easter holyday...


Tone ha detto...

Finally the Lavender sugar! - tastes nice right???!

And your garden already looks lovely to me!! - fantastic surroundings you have!
I am sure you have had enough to do with your garden! - you go girl!! The result will be fantastic in the end...if it makes you in a better mood...we have used 12 years making our garden look like it does... :-)
too much to do in the garden makes me do little blogging, - new blog tomorrow.
Have a nice week!!
hugs from Tone

(ps meeting Janneke from Netherlands thursday!! - so enjoying it!! She and her family going to Hannes house, and they have invited us for dinner. One day ... I`m in Lucca!!)

Hemma på Landet ha detto...

Thank you! You are so kind.:-)

Lovely things.:-) Hug Stina

andrella ha detto...

.... so sweet! Hugs from andrella

Ali @ Betty and Violet ha detto...

I think the lavender sugar cubes is such a lovely idea and the packaging looks very pretty!
I read your previous post with photos of your garden ~ it looks so beautiful! I can understand how much hard work it is to make it look so good...

idémakeriet ha detto...

That looks beautiful Vale.
Nice for the eyes and for your mouth.
Have a beautiful day.
Hugs Gerda

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,

one Word only:

Fantastic ;o)

Heartly Hugs Tine

Fabiola ha detto...

hola vale pasaba a saludar que lindos fracos con azucar muy elgantes un beso faby

Fabiola ha detto...

hola vale pasaba a saludar que lindos fracos con azucar muy elgantes un beso faby