domenica 24 maggio 2009

Last finds at Lucca antique market

At the last antique market I bought some old wooden ornaments. I like these kind of useless finds but I had to decide what to do with them! So I've painted and transformed them in a sort of hooks to hang decorative and light objects or tea-towels and aprons in the kitchen...

...these are the first two I made...

...they all are different in shapes and the patina is different too...

...I picked the herbs in my work place...we have lots of plants in the cloisters (it's an ancient convent)...I'll show you some photos in one of my next post... items for my web-shop!

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Marie-Ange ha detto...

Ils sont magnifiques tous les deux, tu as superbement bien travaillé !
De très originaux et astucieux présentoirs ...
Bisous de belle après-midi.

Debra ha detto...

I love the Lucca market. Next time I should bring a steamer trunk for all of the fabulous treasures.

Kerstin ha detto...

Hello my friend..
Lovely found on the marked... I wish I could visit the marked some time...
I`m really waiting for the sun.... and waiting...but it`s not coming...
Enjoy the afternoon...
Hugs Kerstin

manon 21 ha detto...

ah on ne peux pas se passer de ses marchés!!
bon dimanche


English style ha detto...

what a lovely ornaments you have found on that market !
beautiful patina you have been used
looks nice in your kitchen !
have a nice day
hugs Yvon

anita ha detto...

Ciao vale!
Your kitchen must be very lovely with this ornaments!Patina was used,I like it!HAVE A Good week!

Ann-Catrin ha detto...

Hi there my friend!
What a lovely market you have been on..
I`m like you.. i dont like blue so much in my home.. but when it turn to violet.. its so beatiful!

I relly like what you have done.. i have to lokk in yout webshop now!!


Modern Country ha detto...

Beautiful finds!
Those ornaments are usable, don`t you say anything else ;) See how they turned out, a great detail in your kitchen! And maybe they would be beautiful above your bed or you could stick one onto a cabinet door? I hope you enjoyed a couple of lazy sunny days, hugs to you my friend!


lamaisondecampagne ha detto...

Thank you my friend !! Lovely things like always in your home!!


Tone ha detto... describing makes me wanna go tomorrow!!

Have had an energic weekend in the garden - but now things starts to be ready for summer - (when will "things" be ready here in our garden, I wonder - always new projects...)

have a nice week!!
love from tone

Creations by Lisa ha detto...

Åhh your ornaments is beautiful, what a good idea with shall I take a tour in your webb shop.
I wish you a great week - hugs from Lisa

Bertina ha detto...

Hello Vale,
I like your ornaments very much, you did a good job by buying them. And those herbs...I wish I could smell them through the web..
Have a nice week!
Hugs Bertina

Mila ha detto...

Hi Vale,
beautiful your ornaments, the second one, in particular!I like all items in shabby style :)
Love your LesCotrions bags!
Have a nice day
Mila :)

G-style ha detto...

What a wonderful and useable object you made of those nice ornaments !
You always have such great ideas , I think they will be really fast sold .

have a nice week ,
big hug from Gea

Bonnie ha detto...

Wauw these are fine ornaments.
And so lovely styled.......great.
Nice day

Laura ha detto...

Hi Vale!
I love what you have done...especially with the second one...the patina is perfect! I am excited because if our trip works out in September...we will include at least one day in Lucca...I hope that we can go to the market and perhaps take you to lunch!
Be well friend, Laura

Hemma på Landet ha detto...

Very fine things.:-) Hugs Stina

Pysselpalatset ha detto...

hi Vale,
Nice stuff... is it cine for lavendel... those in Music and madonnas.... Lovley anyway.... Hugs from a summersweden..

white-vintage ha detto...

Hello Vale,

wonderful...really wonderful ;o)

Can you please write me an email with you're adress? The magazine arrived today and i make the shipping ready ;O)

Heartly Hugs Tine

My home is my Castle - by Kari ha detto...

Hi Vale :)
I ove your new items :)) So beautiful...
You are lucky to finduch wonderful flea-markeds :)

Hugs, Kari

Lilla Blanka ha detto...

Hi Vale!

Oh they look absolutely beautiful!
Lucca antique market, it sounds so charming, I wish I could go there some day.

Have a nice week,

beige et blanc ha detto...

What a nice idea to transform theses ornements in sort of hooks and your patines are very nice.
Have a nice evening.

Magny ha detto...

ojhhh ...this was beauftiful...
flea marked is exiting..

sunny hugs from magny***

Min Verden Hanne ha detto...

So beautiful Vale. You are so cleaver :) Well, you know Violets are the nordic flower. It actually like it here ;) I'll try to write some english as well. Sometimes I have so little time to my blog ;) Have to be out as much as possible. H.

Madeleine ha detto...

Hello Vale! Just want to say hello and have a lovely day. Hugs Madeleine =)

Anita ha detto...

What a great ideas you always have.Love it !
Greetings Anita.

Heidi-anitha ha detto...

That marked i had realy loved to enjoy some time in..With a big bag full of money - nice treasures you have found!

Always så much nice here in your blog - I am sorry, i schould answered you so many times, but - the time is running away from me.. And always you are so kind to me and visit my blog. Thank you for that - i like yours so much, but i have not the time to answere each comment - but i realy love to.

My english is not very good, but i hope you understand me:0)

I wish you the best for the day my good friend!

take care!

big hugs heidi-anitha

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik ha detto...

Ooh what lovely finds you found at the antiquemarket! And i also love the picture on the right side with the lavender and the zink? oh I wish I could buy it...

A home far away ha detto...

Lovely as always!

Have a great day
Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

Hemma på Landet ha detto...

A BIG hug to you my friend.:-)//Stina

Delph57 ha detto...


Delphine from France

Cecilia ha detto...

Ciao Vale, ho fatto un post sul mio blog del mercatino del 21 Giugno, facci pubblicità! Un bacio, Cecilia.

Weißer Vintagezauber ha detto...

Dear Vale,
these are again such nice things. ;o)
Where do you only bring all that????????
A wonderful evening and many greetings,

Fabiola ha detto...


lottens vita och gröna ha detto...

hi my friend!

woooooooooow pictures, what a market, take me with you, hihi!

warmhug lotten

piitis ha detto...

Hei Vale!

What a lovely ornaments!!!

Have a sunny day!!!


Federica ha detto...

Bellissimi davvero!
Sono malata da domenica ma finalmente senza febbre riesco a vedere tutti i post che mi sono persa!